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Expert services to assess, test and remediate your network against security threats 

To keep up with an ever changing security and regulatory landscape requires constant testing and assessment of your networks, applications and overall security programs.  This is crucial in elevating your company’s security profile to reduce risk and in achieving compliance that industry mandates.

Our security consulting services provide your company with the knowledge, expertise and efficiency needed to conduct thorough security and risk evaluations of  your IT environment.  We help you to identify gaps that create risk, develop a stronger security posture, and help  you meet your compliance mandates.


Our security assessment service is designed to evaluate the security architecture of your networks that you have in place to protect your systems and information assets.   We provide a numerous types of testing and assessment:

  • Internal and external network penetration testing

  • Web application security assessment

  • Mobile application security testing

  • Social engineering email testing

  • Security configuration review and advisory

  • Software development security review


Cyber criminals are increasingly sophisticated and are becoming a major threat to most organisation. Our security consultants can help you develop an appropriate IT security strategy that optimises your security requirements based on business needs. We help to create appropriate security architectures policies and procedures that would keep your business secure as it grows.   Our services includes:

  • Enterprise security strategy

  • Security architecture

  • Security policy

  • Security procedures and guidelines


With today’s sophistication of cyber threats, especially, zero day exploits, most organisations find themselves falling behind in securing and  managing their IT environment due to the lack of expertise, manpower and the fast moving security environment. To provide organisations with the capabilities to secure and manage their IT environment, our managed vulnerability and security assessment services provides a structured approach to keeping your systems up to date. We provide on-site and off-site managed vulnerability and security assessment services whereby we will monitor your IT environment for threats and remedial alerts.


Our  risk management & audit services provide you the security, risk and compliance expertise to help you develop your security and governance programs. We can help you develop robust programs that incorporate best practices that fit your particular environment and needs.  Our security consultants have extensive knowledge and experience developing programs that incorporate best-known methods recommended by industry, as well as methods we observe during our customer engagements.

  • Security audit

  • Certification advisory services

  • Regulatory compliance services

  • Security risk assessment

  • Integrated risk management

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