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3 Mins Hack For Your Peace Of Mind: 24x7 Monitoring Of Your Website For Defacement Attempts

Your website is your online presence for your business (be it informational or an e-commerce site). After investing time and money on building that perfect website, the last thing you need is for someone or in most cases nowadays, a Bot, to deface your website. And you don't realise it until it is too late!

Monitoring your website round the clock by yourself or your staff is a near impossible task, unless you deploy solutions like WebALARM or some other file monitoring softwares.

That prompted us to create the ScanMyPage service - a low cost and efficient way to automatically monitor your website 24x7 with no software to install. The service will alert you by email with a "before" and "after" screenshots of the page should it detect any unusual change to the page. You can then mobilise your IT team to investigate further and take steps to rectify the website. So here's a 3 minutes hack that you can do yourself to enable this service and save you a ton of time to focus on running your business instead.

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Sign up for a free account.

Step 3: You will be allocated FREE 300 credits for you to try out this service. The credits will be good enough for 10 scan intervals per day for 1 page. You can alternatively lower the number of scan intervals and have more pages monitored as well. 1 credit is good for 1 scan interval per page.

Step 4: To initiate the monitoring process, just key in the desired website URL by clicking on the "Create one now link".

Step 5: Key in your preferred email address that you wish to use to receive alerts from ScanMyPage.

Step 6: During this trial period, we recommend that you set the scanning interval to Every 3 Hours.

Step 7: Set the Training Period to 24 Scans. This will allow our AI engine to learn the website display pattern.

The system will auto calculate the number of days it requires to complete the "training" to better detect how your website is displayed.

Step 8: The Threshold will be auto configured based on the Training period.

Step 9: Set the Page Load Delay to 6 seconds - this is to cater for the webpage to fully load completely before ScanMyPage takes a snapshot of the page as the reference page.

Step 10: Finally, you can set your view size to Landscape, Square or Portrait mode. Cool, isn't it.

That's it. 3 minutes and you can sit back and let ScanMyPage work its magic to protect your website.

If you have any further queries on how to optimise ScanMyPage for you, just email your questions to

Sign up for our FREE 30 days trial now HERE.


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